Harmonizing Environmental Graphic Design : The environment that surrounds us consists of many elements that possess a certain influence toward one another. To create harmony within the environment, we formulize our design approach to serve a function of tuning those elements to be in unison. Only through that reciprocal relation of all the elements, the harmony within the environmental graphic design can be achieved. The comprehension of “Harmonizing Environmental Graphic Design” is reflected through our multifaceted processes of ideation, research, and design that move toward the desired result.

We serve to be the consonant between design and the environment, because structures and orders are all around us, whether in a tangible or an abstract form. The way we observe and comprehend many details around us is deeply connected to how we work. Nusae believes in the contextual value of design integration towards its environment. That particular sensibility is essential to form the understanding towards structures and orders around us and how we respond to them through our designs.